VocoPro Digital-Conference-48-Extend

VocoPro Digital-Conference-48-Extend

VocoPro Digital-Conference-48-Extend
Item# Digital-Conference-48-Extend

Product Description


VocoPro's Digital Conference Microphone system is a plug-and-play system that can be set up in a breeze. Operating in the future proof 900 MHz band with 16 unique frequencies designed not to interfere with each other. The design has been revised in the new V-2 Digital Conference Microphone base, which is capable of plugging in two more wired conference microphones. This will expand the system to support up to 48 Conference Microphones. This innovative way of mixing wireless and wired conference microphones give users the best from both worlds. Expanding the capacity without occupying more wireless frequencies, while still enjoying the benefit of running no wires to the receiver.

  • DIGITAL-QUAD-Cv2 x 4
  • XLR-QUAD-6 x 4
  • Mini XLR Inputs on Each Transmitter Allow Additional Wired Mics to be Added and Transmitted on a Single Channel
  • Receiver has a Dedicated XLR Output and Volume Control for each Wireless Channel
  • Operates in Future Proof 900MHz Frequency Band Away from TV and Wifi Interference
  • 24-Bit Digital Technology Delivers a Clean, Professional Quality Signal
  • Digital Encryption to Keep Content Private and Secure
  • Wide Frequency Response (50 Hz - 20,000 Hz) Ensures Natural Sounding Vocals
  • 1/4" Mixed Outputs Available On Each Receiver
  • Brackets Included For Mounting in a Rack Case
  • Shipping Weight (3 boxes):
    Box 1: 39lbs
    Box 2: 39lbs
    Box 3: 41lbs

    Shipping Dimensions (3 boxes):
    Box 1: 23x17x14
    Box 2: 28x18x16
    Box 3: 26x23x17


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