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VocoPro UDH-PLAY-8

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Technology for wireless microphones has evolved: making professional equipment affordable for everyone. By combining our proven UHF transmission technology with a DSP chip that replaces hundreds of analog components, VocoPro's newest UDH Hybrid wireless microphone systems are the reliable choice for multiple channel applications.

Our UDH systems operate in the 900 MHz band, which makes them immune to TV broadcast interference. They are the perfect solution for musicians, entertainers, schools, or churches who didn't think that a reliable multi-channel wireless microphone set could be this affordable. So check out the UDH systems and packages for your next performance and hear the performer loud and clear for the first time.

Frequency Sets
UDH-PLAY-8-B1 902.2, 905.8
UDH-PLAY-8-B2 907.2, 909.8
UDH-PLAY-8-B3 916.1, 920.9
UDH-PLAY-8-B4 919.0, 924.2

* A total of 4 sets of 2 microphones total: 8 freq available

  • Includes 8 Bodyback Transmitters with 8 Headset mics and 8 Lapel mics.
  • Operates in the 900 MHz Band, which is free of TV Station Interference
  • All-in-one wireless Mic-On-IC™ has a pre-amp, compressor, and expander onboard
  • Uses proven analog UHF transmission technology for better range and reliability
  • Plug and Play design requires no microphone syncing set-up
  • Fits standard sized 19" Rack Cases
  • Available frequency sets:
    UDH-PLAY-8-B1: 902.2, 905.8
    UDH-PLAY-8-B2: 907.2, 909.8
    UDH-PLAY-8-B3: 916.1, 920.9
    UDH-PLAY-8-B4: 919.0, 924.2

  • Rear Panel Connectors:
  • Power in
  • XLR channel 1 out
  • XLR channel 2 out
  • 1/4" unbalanced out

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