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VocoPro SingandHear-Quad

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VOCOPRO | SingAndHear-Quad

All-in-one wireless Microphone / Wireless in-ear Receiver System


First time impression when using a wireless in-ear monitor is usually "wow... I can finally hear my voice in detail now!"

Vocopro's new Sing & Hear is an innovate wireless mic/monitor system that combines a wireless microphone, wireless plug-in mic receiver, and wireless in-ear receiver in one easy to use, affordable system.

Easy to use because the wireless microphone is sending signal directly to the wireless in-ear receiver and the wireless mic receiver for the sound system simultaneously without the need for additional in-ear monitor transmitter and mixing board to connect them together.

What you sing is what you hear and you will hear your voice like never before, making you sound better both at gig and during practice.

Tap and sync function to synchronize to all other commander receivers within RF Range, like the wireless USB receiver to record the performance on PC, MAC, or even iPhone*, making this the easiest to use integrated wireless mic / monitor system.

Four different frequency groups means you can run up to four transmitters to unlimited receivers. Each transmitter has 20 PLL frequencies that can be switched on the fly to avoid interference, all designed to work together with no set-up or re-syncing required.

*Requires lightning to USB camera adapter (Not included)



  • Worlds first wireless microphone system to include in-ear receiver for Personal Monitoring
  • Up to four frequency group, designed to work together without interference
  • Package Includes:

  • Commander-HT-1 x 1 , HT-2 x 1, HT-3x1, HT-4x1 (Handheld Wireless Microphone)
  • Commander-PR-1 x 1 , PR-2 x 1, PR-3x 1 PR-4x1 (Single channel Plug-In Receiver)
  • Commander-HR-1x1 , HR-2x1, HR-3x1, HR-4x1 (Wireless Headphone Receiver)
  • IE-9 x 4 (Wired In-Ear Headphones)
  • Commander-CA x4 (Detachable Belt Clip)
  • Specifications:

  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 6 hours of run time on each charge. (3.7v Li-ion 650 mAh)
  • Extend run-time with Mini 5V USB charging port or power bank (not included) as power source.
  • Tap-and-Sync (tm) allows users to change frequency and automatically re-connect at the tap of a button.
  • Digital UHF operates in 900 MHz, away from TV, radio and Wi-Fi Interference.

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