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VocoPro SilentSymphony-Solo

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SilentSymphony-SOLO is an all-in-one wireless headphone and transmitter system. The transmitter can broadcast audio to wireless headphones within a 300ft. radius. Connect the SilentSymphony-SOLO to the audio or the headphone output of the TV and work around the house without missing the game or your favorite show.

  • Operates in the 900MHz, clear of TV Station Interference
  • Broadcast Audio to an Unlimited Number of Wireless Headphone Sets
  • Use up to 3 Transmitters Simultaneously
  • Internal Battery Built Into Transmitter for Remote Use
  • Transmission Power Level Toggle (High/Low)
  • Available Stereo RCA Audio Input on transmitter
  • Available Stereo 1/8" Audio Output on Each Wireless Headphone Set
  • Headphones have an 18Hr Battery Life Off Two AAA Batteries

  • Connections:
  • 1/8" Audio Output

  • Rear Panel Connectors:
  • Antenna, Power in, LR audio connectors on front panel

  • Accessories:
  • Power Adapter, 1/8" patch cable, Antenna

  • Package Includes:
  • 1 transmitter
  • 1 headphone

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