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VocoPro SilentSymphony-Seminar

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SilentSymphony-SEMINAR is an all-in-one wireless headphone system. The transmitter can broadcast audio to all 30 wireless headphones within a 300ft. radius. The SilentSymphony can be applied to any situation where a performer or speaker needs to be heard by their audience without the typical amplifier and speaker setup. Simply connect the SilentSymphony transmitter to your audio source, like the main outputs on a mixer. The audience can hear the instructor loud and clear on a tradeshow floor without pre-wiring any headphone cables, or a fitness club can have yoga/meditating class playing soft music through the headphones while having Zumba class playing loud music through the speakers in the same hall without disturbing each other. The applications are limitless. Each of the SilentSymphony headphone sets is powered by two AAA batteries that last approximately 18hrs.

  • Operates in the 900MHz, clear of TV Station Interference
  • Broadcast Audio to an Unlimited Number of Wireless Headphone Sets
  • Use up to 3 Transmitters Simultaneously
  • Internal Battery Built Into Transmitter for Remote Use
  • Transmission Power Level Toggle (High/Low)
  • Available Stereo RCA Audio Input on transmitter
  • Available Stereo 1/8" Audio Output on Each Wireless Headphone Set
  • Headphones have an 18Hr Battery Life Off Two AAA Batteries

  • Connections:
  • 1/8" Audio Output

  • Rear Panel Connectors:
  • Antenna, Power in, LR audio connectors on front panel

  • Accessories:
  • Power Adapter, 1/8" patch cable, Antenna

  • Package Includes:
  • 1 transmitter
  • 30 headphones

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