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VocoPro SilentPA-IN-EAR-ONE

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Professional PLL Wireless In-Ear Monitor Package with Stationary Transmitter and Receiver


Having problems hearing on stage? Still using disruptive monitor speakers for your gig? Wireless technology for in-ear monitors has evolved: it has become reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive. Compared to other brands costing hundreds of dollars or more, the VocoPro SilentPA-IN-EAR Monitor System is the new, smart choice for bands. It operates in 900 MHz, which is far away from TV station interference. It comes with industry's easiest to use PLL transmitter with 16 switch-able frequencies. With no complicated set up and synchronization required: simply assign the same channel on both the transmitter and the receiver and you're ready to go. It also comes with VocoPro's new IE-9 professional all-metal earphone, for the ultimate wireless in-ear monitor experience.

  • Operates in 900Mhz Band, Free of TV Station Interference
  • Utilizes UHF Technology for Greater Reliability and Operating Range than VHF or 2.4Ghz
  • Bodypack Receiver Has Two Dedicated Audio Outputs
  • Stationary Transmitter Equipped with Mixing Function to Combine Microphone And Music Signals
  • Bodypack Receiver Powered by two (2x) AA, Alkaline OR rechargeable, Batteries
  • Internal Recharge Circuit Allows Simultaneous Operation and Charging of Rechargeable Batteries on both Bodypack Transmitter & Receiver (Rechargeable Batteries and USB Charge cable not included)
  • 5V USB charging input enables continuous use when used with rechargeable batteries and power bank (rechargeable batteries and power bank not included)
  • Panel Connections:
    Antenna connector
    1/8" stereo input
    1/4-XLR L/R inputs
    1/4-XLR MIC input
    Power input
    1/8" headphone output x2 (headphones not included)
    Power input for recharging rechargeable batteries (not included)

    Included accessories:
    1/4" patch cable
    19" rack adapter brackets
    Unit to unit connector (to attach two units for side by side rack installation)
    1/8" patch cable
    1/8" to 1/4" adapter

    *Optional Accessory Sold Separately*
    Rechargeable Battery Charging Kit

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