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VocoPro SilentPA-IFB-12

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One way communication system for TV and film production


Wireless IFBs (Wireless talent cueing) help any live or recorded broadcast run more smoothly, enabling the talent to react to direction on set. However, the price for a good IFB system is out of reach for most people. We are happy to introduce Vocopro's SILENT-PA-IFB system! It is a game changer in both price and functionality. It costs less than 1/5 of the price of leading Wireless IFB system. And you will still get the same clear sound and long range. The straightforward design is easy to use and requires no synchronization or set-up. Our basic IFB system comes with one transmitter for the director and 4 receivers for the talent. Additional packages include 12 receivers, or 30 receivers. Use one transmitter to send out audio to multiple receivers, or use additional transmitters with different frequencies to send out to different teams on the set.

For a limited time get FREE protective pouches for the receivers and a headset microphone for the transmitter!

  • Operates in 900MHz Band, Free of TV Station Interference
  • Utilizes UHF Technology for Greater Reliability and Operating Range than VHF or 2.4GHz
  • Bodypack Receiver Has Two Dedicated Audio Outputs
  • Bodypack Receiver Powered by two (2x) AA, Alkaline OR Rechargeable, Batteries
  • Internal Recharge Circuit Allows Simultaneous Operation and Charging of Rechargeable Batteries on both Bodypack Transmitter & Receiver (Rechargeable Batteries and USB Charge cable not included)
  • 5V USB charging input enables continuous use when used with rechargeable batteries and power bank (rechargeable batteries and power bank not included)
  • Toggle Between 16 channels on the receiver or the transmitter without complicated synchronization or set-up
  • Package Includes:
    SilentPA-TX x2
    Headset for silent PA x2
    SilentPA-RX x 12
    14 WP-1 protective pouch
    1/8" headphone output x2
    Power input for recharging rechargeable batteries (not included)

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