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Professional Digital Stereo/True Dual Mono In-Ear Monitor


Bands all know the benefit of in-ear monitors versus bulky wedge monitors, but a good a wireless in ear monitor system is just way out of the reach for most bands.

Traditional stereo in-ear monitor systems involve MPX Technology which makes a single frequency the carrier for stereo signal output, this technology is limited as far as receiving 100 percent separation of the stereo channel. VocoPro has a game changing solution for this situation, by using two separate digital frequencies to send out stereo/dual mono signal into each in-ear monitor. A solution that makes for a true dual mono/stereo in-ear monitor that cost less than half the price of leading brands thanks to our new all new digital wireless chip. 24 bit digital means you will get super clear audiophile sound, with a total of 18 frequencies and up to 9 channel combinations to select from, you can avoid interference and get clear sound of yourself and the band from any corner of the stage.

  • Rugged, all metal construction for lasting durability
  • 24 Bit Digital, Dual Frequency (True Stereo) Transmitter and Receiver
  • 18 Selectable Frequency Channels to Avoid Wireless RF Conflict
  • 2 Independent Channel Outputs Give Each Performer a Dedicated Connection
  • Operating in the 900MHZ Range Free of TV Broadcasting Interference
  • Hi and Low Transmission Preference Can Disperse Across Various Venues
  • Instantaneous Connection and Set-Up with One Touch IR Sync
  • Includes In-Ear Headphones

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