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VOCOPRO | Commander-PLAY-4

4 UHF Wireless Headset Mics with Receivers


Typical wireless situation: You're jamming along on your wireless set-up, you run into an interference issue and you need to swap frequencies.

Until now, most wireless systems would require an interruption of the performance in order to re-sync to new frequencies while being relatively close to the receiver for infrared pairing. With Vocopro's frequency tap-and-sync™ re-syncing is as simple as a touch of a button on either hand-held or bodypack transmitter. This function allows for a seamless instant change of frequency and re-pairing with almost no interruption to your show.

Take command of your wireless frequencies with VocoPro's Commander UHF Digital wireless microphone system.

The Commander-Play-4 is a four channel UHF digital wireless microphone package containing four mini wireless bodypack with headset and two dual channel plug-in receivers.

This package provides compact wireless integration for powered speakers and mixers meeting the needs of today's PA requirement.


    Package Includes:

    CT-1, headset transmitter x 1
    CT-2, headset transmitter x 1
    CT-3, headset transmitter x 1
    CT-4, headset transmitter x 1

    PR-12, receiver x 1
    PR-34, receiver x 1

    HM, Headset Mic x 4

    Frequency ranges:

    1: 902.0-908.5 MHz
    2: 915.0-921.5 MHz
    3: 908.5-915.0 MHz
    4: 921.5-928.0 MHz


  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 6 hours of run time on each charge. (3.7v Li-ion 650 mAh)
  • Extend run-time with Mini 5V USB charging port or power bank (not included) as power source.
  • Tap-and-Sync™ allows users to change frequency and automatically re-connect at the tap of a button.
  • Digital UHF operates in 900 MHz, away from TV, radio and Wi-Fi Interference.

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