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Elation RP2

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The NETRON RP2 is an intelligent 2-way DMX Power Relay that is an ideal tool to protect fixtures from damage, lower power consumption, and reducing the overall wear and tear of any lighting system.
The device is configurable via the integrated OLED display and encoder with real time status and power consumption feedback.

RP2 features optional smart power sequencing and DMX traffic detection to allow complete automation of fixture power based on DMX status. Simply turn the console on or off, and the system will follow along.

An internal clock allows standalone use of the RP2 or automating the power outputs to specific days and times. For example, a system could be turned off every day at midnight to prevent excessive power on time of devices.

Two independent power outputs are controlled by high current dual pole relays, ensuring complete removal of power from the circuit.

Current sensing per output allows to monitor power consumption on the display, and the RP2 keeps track of peak power consumption of the ports. The power information can be accessed on the display or remotely monitored over the RDM protocol. Additionally, actual, highest and lowest voltage received are available for diagnostics.


  • Two independent DMX Relay Circuits
  • RDM support
  • High Current Dual Pole Relays
  • Support for 208V and Delta Power Systems
  • Voltage and Power Status and Logging on display or via RDM
  • 24h / 7 Day Event Scheduler
  • DMX Signal Sensing for automated relay control
  • Auto Power Sequencing with adjustable time delay
  • 1.3” OLED Display with rotary encoder
  • Powder-coated compact metal housing
  • Surface, Truss, DIN-Rail and Standalone mounting


  • Standalone Truss-mount (M10 + M12 mounting hole)
  • Wall-mount horizontal or vertical (included)
  • Din Rail horizontal or vertical (included)

5pin DMX/RDM In and Thru
1x IP65 Locking Power In
2x IP65 Switched Locking Power Out

Length: 6.83 in. (173.5mm)
Width: 5.22in. (132.6mm)
Height: 1.97 in. (50mm)
Weight: 1.32 lbs. (0.6kg)

100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
16A (USA) 16A (EU)

Approvals / Ratings

Included Items
Locking power cable
2x Wall Mount Plates
1x DIN Rail Adapter

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