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Lowell JR410-T470

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Speaker Driver #JR410-T470 (4? 15W single cone, xfmr)


High compliance 4-inch cone driver JR410-T470 with mounted 70V transformer provides wide frequency response and wide dispersion for paging and background music.



  • Background music and paging


  • Driver:  4 in. 15W single cone driver with 10 oz. ceramic magnet with paper cone, treated cloth surround.
  • Frame:  20-gauge stamped steel, zinc-plated.
  • Mounting Bolt Circle:  4.69 in.
  • Transformer:   70V with taps at 0.5, 1, 2, 4W
  • Assembly Frequency Response:  66Hz–16kHz (±6dB) and 57Hz-20kHz (±7.9dB)
  • Assembly Mounting Depth:  3.71 in.
  • Assembly Dispersion Angle:  170 degrees conical
  • Assembly Average Sensitivity:  90.2dB


  • Made in U.S.A. with global components
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards


  • The high compliance 4-inch cone driver with mounted transformer shall be Lowell Model No. JR410-T470. The driver shall be of the permanent magnet type with a paper cone, treated cloth surround, and dispersion angle of 170 degrees @2000Hz (-6dB). Average sensitivity shall measure 90.2dB (SPL at 1W/1M) and power rating shall be 15 watts RMS. The driver shall feature 1 inch diameter voice coil (8ohm impedance), 10 oz. ceramic magnet, 20-gauge steel frame with 5.03 inch diameter and four holes spaced at 90 degrees on 4.69 inch diameter mounting bolt circle. External metal parts shall be zinc-plated. Assembly frequency response shall be 66Hz- 16kHz (±6dB) and 57Hz-20kHz (±7.9dB). The mounted transformer shall be 70V with selectable taps at .5, 1, 2, 4W. Transformer response shall be 50Hz–15kHz (+1dB) with insertion loss of 0.8dB. The assembly shall have an overall depth of 3.71 in.

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