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FDC1 Series: Fan panel, universal input/output


Fan kits for spot cooling are available in various formats. The master fan and secondary fans work in tandem to cool various areas.



  • All models feature a single 4.7 in. diameter fan with guard (73 cfm, 33 dB) in 4.7 in. square housing that mounts to rack vents.
  • FDC1-KITT:  STAND-ALONE FAN includes a variable-speed thermostat probe on back of housing to automatically activate the fan when ambient temperature hits a pre-set point (adjustable).  UL Listed power supply (100-240 VAC, 500mA) with 4 plug adaptors.
  • FDC1-KITT-M:  MASTER FAN is similar to the original stand-alone unit but with an additional power output, which enables it to connect/control a secondary fan. The thermostat probe is positioned at the end of a 10 ft. wire, allowing more options for temperature monitoring.
  • FDC1-KIT-S:  SECONDARY FAN works only with the master fan. Instead of a power supply, the secondary fan features a power input with 8 ft. extension. It also features a power output to connect to another secondary fan if desired.

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