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Lowell ES-62T

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ES-62T: 6-1/2 inch Coaxial Speaker


Self-contained, ready-to-install ceiling speaker (6-1/2 inch coaxial driver) produces excellent intelligibility for speech and full-frequency response for music—ideal for commercial or residential use.



  • Foreground or background music.


  • Driver:  6.5 in. coaxial driver with high-frequency PEI tweeter/acoustic lens
  • Transformer:  32W (tap selector behind grille). Taps for 25V, 70V or 100V speaker systems, and 4 ohm (UL min.) transformer bypass position. Why a 4 ohm position? ES-Why4ohm
  • Enclosure:  Painted (grey) steel back-can with reversible mounting dogs
  • Grille:  Press-fit grille with scrim, pull-tool
  • Mounting Aids:  Plastic paint shield to protect driver, C-ring and support rails
  • Installs in drywall, wood, tile or almost any ceiling with thickness up to 2-1/8 inches.


  • UL 1480A (General signaling, US)
  • UL 2043 (Return air plenum space)
  • CSA C22.2 No. 205-12 (General signaling, Canada)


  • The loudspeaker shall be Lowell #ES-62T. It shall include a high-performance 6-1/2 inch coaxial loudspeaker, ported bass reflex enclosure and press-fit grille for recessed ceiling/wall installation. Frequency response shall be 64Hz-20kHz ±6dB. Sensitivity for the system shall be 88.6dB log average @1W/1M over the frequency response range, measured in half-space. The speaker shall be constructed of a polypropylene cone with rubber surround and a PEI tweeter. The woofer magnet weight shall be a minimum of 15.45 oz. (438.1g) and the woofer voice coil diameter shall be 1" (25.47mm). The transformer shall have primary taps for 100V (32, 16, 8, 4.2 watt); 70V (32, 16, 8, 4, 2 watt); and 25V (4.4, 2.2, 1.1, .55, .28 watt) with a selector switch mounted on the front under the grille that will include a 4 ohm transformer bypass position. The factory-mounted enclosure shall be 20-gauge steel (painted grey) with internal volume of 379 cu.in. It shall have a seismic restraint ring tie-point on the rear for use where required by code or ordinance. It shall feature four dog-mount ears that allow it to be mounted in a ceiling with a maximum thickness of 2.125" (54mm). A template shall be provided to assist in cutting mounting holes. A rear access cable or flexible conduit entrance strain relief shall be provided with a termination cavity that encloses a four-pin Phoenix-style connector. The connector shall include two terminals for input to the speaker and two parallel terminals for output to the next speaker in the string. The system shall include a C-ring for use in reinforcing the edge of drywall ceiling cutouts, or for use with the included support rails to guard against ceiling tile sag from speaker weight. Front baffle shall have a diameter note more than 9.84" (249.9mm). The unit shall also include a press-fit, fine mesh 20-ga. CRS grille with UV rated powder coating (epoxy white), and shall include a thin piece of white scrim and a grille-pulling tool.

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