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Lowell CS-8H

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CS-8H: Steel Speaker Grille

Steel speaker grille is two piece welded steel with fine-mesh grille and contoured edge. For use with an 8 in. driver.


• Style:  Screw-mount

• Material:  22-gauge steel, welded mesh steel inner grille

• Finish:  White powder epoxy finish

• Size:  12.875 in. diameter

• Mounting Projection:  0.25 in.

• Mounting Provisions:  4 screws (white), 4 welded studs with nuts


• Made in the U.S.A.

• Certified U.S. steel



The grille for 8 in. speaker drivers shall be Lowell Model CS-8H. The two-piece grille shall have a trim ring fabricated from 22 gauge steel with a peripheral flange of 60-degrees and a perforated steel center welded into position. The grille shall measure 12.875 in. dia. with a shallow mounting projection of 0.25 in. It shall have four welded studs spaced at 90-degree intervals for mounting the specified 8 in. speaker and four (0.25 in.) holes spaced at 90-degree intervals on 11.25 in. bolt circle for mounting specified backbox or mounting ring. Model CS-8H shall be finished in a white powder epoxy. It shall include matching screws for backbox installation.

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