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Lowell CMBS-6

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Cable Management Bar-Slotted, 6in Offset, 10-pak

CMBS Series: Cable Management Bars, Stackable


Straight or offset rackmount bars aid cable organization.  They can be combined and stacked on a horizontal plane for greater cable control. Each style (straight, 2 in. offset, 4 in. offset, or 6 in. offset) is sold in a pack of 10 units.

These cable bars can also be used to add support bracing for equipment when used with mid or rear rack rails.



• Straight or offset (2 in., 4 in. or 6 in.)

• Width:  19 in.

• Height:  0.625 in.

• Material:  16-gauge steel

• Finish:  Black

• Multiple tie-down slots and holes

• Straight bar can be used alone or mounted at a right angle to another straight bar for dual-lacing configuration

• Offset bars are stackable on a horizontal plane to save rack space


• Made in the U.S.A.

• Certified U.S. steel



The rackmount cable management bar with lacing slots shall be Lowell Model ________, which shall be 16-gauge steel with a black powder epoxy finish. The bar shall measure approximately 19 inches wide by 0.625 inches high. It shall be _________ (straight, offset two inches, offset four inches, offset six inches).

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