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ADJ - American DJSKU: VSG168

Sale price$99.99


ADJ VS3IPGSCSB is a Clamp Support Bar for the VS3IP LED Video Panels. Compatible with VS3IP only.

The VSGSB Ground Support Base, VSGSLT Ground Support Ladder Truss and VS3IPGSCSB Clamp Support Bar can be used to create a solid frame to support a VS3IP video wall from behind. This can be used to setup a freestanding screen of up to six panels in height and unlimited width, with ballast provided using conventional sandbags or stage weights. The system is designed for use with the existing VS3RB1 (VS3111) Rigging / Ground Stack Bar, which sits between the lowest panel and the ground, as well as the VSRQR Rear Quick Clamp, which connects the rear of a panel to the Ground Support Ladder Truss behind. All products in the new Ground Stack System are robust, lightweight, and finished in matte black, making them ideal for use by production companies and on touring productions.

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