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8Sinn Cage for FUJIFILM X-H2 / X-H2S + Black Raven Top Handle

8sinnSKU: 8sinn-8-FX-H2S+8-THBRAVEN

Sale price$204.00


Video camera cage for FUJIFILM X-H2 and FUJIFILM X-H2S paired with the quick-release top handle. The cage is a solid frame and it includes four types of mounting points: 1/4", Arri locating points, M4 threads, and of course a cold shoe and strap holders. The cage is attached to the camera by two mounting screws at the bottom.

Key features:
  • 1/4” mounting points
  • M4 mounting points
  • Strap holders
  • Cold shoe mount
  • Two points of cage-to-camera attachment
  • Lightweight build
  • Aluminum made
  • Quick release on Arri locating points
  • 2 x Arri locating mounting points
  • 1 x cold shoe mount
  • 1/4" mounting points
Dimensions: Height: 180mm, Length: 153mm, Width: 62mm; Weight: 367g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for FUJIFILM X-H2 / X-H2S, 1pc Black Raven Top Handle

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