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8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R/R5/R6/R6M II + Top Handle Pro

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The aluminum cage and handle are two basic accessories filmmakers can get to start expanding their filmmaking rig.

Meet the 8Sinn aluminum accessories and see what you can gain by adding them to your camera.

Camera cages are commonly used, mostly by filmmakers, to protect their cameras and to make them even more versatile. Aluminum cages are usually equipped with various mounting points like 1/4” and 3/8” threaded openings which are an industry standard for camera accessories. Next, there is no less important cold shoe and strap holders. All of these mounting points help to attach external accessories like monitors, microphones, and more.

Canon R paired with the 8Sinn cage make it easy to add video accessories and make a lightweight, versatile vlogging kit. Canon R5 and Canon R6 are appropriate for stills and hybrid shooters who want occasional video, therefore 8Sinn cage also comes in handy when used on those cameras. The Canon R6M II has several video features added to improve the video workflow and deliver a refined shooting experience, so the essential aluminum accessories like cage and handle will definitely find their place on a rig around this camera.

Camera cages are usually produced from aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and does not add up that much weight to your set. Aluminum is also pretty easy to process, so the cage can be shaped, sized, and drilled at many angles and surfaces, so the only limitations in making cages are the constructor’s abilities and creativity.

Modern cameras are usually made with care for ergonomics and functionality. The outside of the camera, its ergonomics, and the placement of specific buttons or switches, can be a great help or a major disadvantage for the users. The perfect cage has to become a part of the camera body - it has to keep the body safe, maintain ergonomics, and enhance functionality. All of these factors have to be accommodated into one piece of aluminum.

There’s no need to convince anyone about safety when it comes to high-end cameras. You can be extra careful with it, but you can’t always anticipate everything and accidents can happen. Having a cage, can relieve some of the stress off of your shoulders and give you extra protection. Safekeeping is not the main role of the cage though. Its Maine purpose is to provide the attachment points for accessories essential in a filmmaking rig. The bottom of the cage has drilled holes, which can serve to attach many kinds of tripod plates; both sides and the top also include mounting holes which can be used for all kinds of mounting adapters, which help to attach peripheral accessories. 8Sinn cages also include a cold shoe and a strap holder on the side. A cold shoe is often used to mount the microphone.

Cage key features:
  • 1/4” mounting points
  • M4 mounting points
  • 3/8" threaded openings with Arri locating points
  • Two points of cage-to-camera attachment (bottom)
  • Strap holders
  • Cold shoe mount
  • Lightweight build
  • Aluminum made
Handle key features:
  • Quick-release system
  • Front/back, left/right adjustment
  • 1/4" & 3/8" mounting points
  • 1x 3/8" mounting point with Arri locating points
  • 2 cold shoe mounts
  • NATO standard mounting
  • Aluminum made
Dimensions: Height: 176mm, Length: 155mm, Width: 67mm; Weight: 481g
Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Cage for Canon EOS R/R5/R6/R6M II, 1pc 8Sinn Top Handle Pro

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