Lowell VCS8-DW

Lowell VCS8-DW

Lowell VCS8-DW
Item# VCS8-DW

Product Description


VCS8-DW: Impedance-matching Home Stereo Attenuator


Impedance matching home stereo volume controls with decorator style wall plates (white or almond) can be used to connect multiple pairs of stereo speakers safely to a home stereo amplifier (or home stereo receiver/amplifier). Each pair of speakers must be wired to a separate home stereo volume control.



• Power Rating:  50W per channel

• Attenuation:  3dB per step

• Use With:  8ohm speaker line

• Activation:  Rotary dial

• Volume Positions:  0-max

• Termination:  Phoenix-style

• Wire Capacity:  14-gauge

• Wall Plate:  1-gang decorator style

• Finish:  White

• Fits standard E.O. box (2.5 in. min. depth)

• Imported



The impedance matching home stereo volume control for use with 8ohm or 4ohm speakers and a typical home stereo amplifier or amplifier/receiver (maximum amplifier output of no more than 50W per channel), shall be Lowell model VCS8-DW with 50W power rating, 3dB per step attenuation, and phoenix style plug-in screw termination strips for pre-wire convenience (wire capacity up to 14-gauge). The volume control includes a circuit board mounted slide switch that is used to set the proper impedance matching. It shall include a one-gang decorator style with white wall plate. The device shall include a rotary switch with stops at "off" and "max". The unit shall be able to mount in an E.O. box that has minimum inside dimensions of 1.875"W x 3"H x 2.5"D.

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