Lowell MSM2

Lowell MSM2

Lowell MSM2
Item# MSM2

Product Description


MSM2: Switch Conversion Module

The switch conversion modules allows equipment that's connected to a remote power control (RPC) or 4-step sequencer to be switched from multiple locations. The MSM2 is placed between the RPC/sequencer and multiple momentary switches to convert normally open momentary contact closures to latching, maintained closures, which allows multiple switches in different locations to activate connected equipment.


  • The momentary closure on a remote switch causes the MSM2 module to change the state from open to closed (or closed to open) turning the RPC or sequencer on or off.
  • Dual terminal strips connect two SPST momentary switches. Additional switches can be added in parallel (6 total for use with RPC series or 12 with SEQ-4).
  • LED indicators display system status (on/off)
  • Chassis: 5.00 in. x 3.279 in. x 1.687 in.
  • The modules does not require an external power source as it draws power from the host (RPC or SEQ-4, order separately).


  • Made in U.S.A. with global components


  • The device for converting normally open momentary contact closures to latching maintained closures shall be Lowell Model No. MSM2. It shall allow for multiple momentary style switches to be used to activate equipment that is connected to Lowell RPC series remote power controls or Lowell SEQ-4 sequence controller.
  • The MSM2 shall include one terminal strip for connection to remote power control Model No.______ (RPC series) or sequence controller Model No. SEQ-4. It shall include two terminal strips to connect up to four momentary switches, Model No.______ (RPSB series) when connected to remote control Model No. ______ (RPC series) host; or up to 12 momentary switches Model No._____ (RPSB series) when connected to sequence controller Model No. SEQ-4 as a host.

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