Lowell MP-2

Lowell MP-2

Lowell MP-2
Item# MP-2-lowell

Product Description


MP-2: Active Monitor Panel

Active monitor panel with 12 x 1 selectable visual and aural monitoring has six channels to accept line level inputs (-10dBv to +10dBv) for monitoring amplifiers or other critical points in the signal chain and six channels to accept speaker level inputs (8 ohm or 25/70 volts) for monitoring output of sound reinforcement systems.


  • Visual and aural monitoring of up to 12 lines.
  • Inputs 1–6: Accept line level (-10dBV, 0dBV or +10dBV).
  • Inputs 7–12:  Accept speaker lines (70V, 25V or 8 ohm).
  • Quick Visual Monitoring: with precise measurement of selected line or speaker input via analog meter with VU and voltage scales.
  • Subjective Aural Monitoring: of selected line or speaker input via 3"x 5" internal speaker which can be accessed with monaural headphone output (stereo jack) on front panel.
  • Rackmount Chassis: 2U Steel with black finish
  • Size:  19 in. x 5.5 in. x 3.5 in.


  • The active monitor panel shall be Lowell Model No. MP-2 which shall have twelve channels of visual monitoring and 12 x 1 selectable aural monitoring. Six channels shall accept line level input signal from - 10dBv to +10dBv and six channels accept speaker level inputs 25/70 volts. Visual monitoring shall be accomplished via a precision analog meter with VU and voltage scales responding to the line or speaker channel selected. Aural monitoring is accomplished through either a 3 in. x 5 in. speaker or switched monaural headphone output (stereo jack) responding to the line or speaker channel selected. Convenient controls shall be provided to individually select a single line level or a single speaker level input with the ability to toggle between the selected line/speaker inputs. Rear panel termination for input connections shall be made to barrier strip screw terminals, and be group selectable for line level (-10dBv, 0dBv, and +10dBv) and speaker level (70V, 25V and 10V for 8ohm). The rackmount steel chassis shall be 19 in. x 3.5 in. (2RU) x 5.5 in., and finished in black powder epoxy. Unit shall include an external power supply with four plug adaptors.

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