Lowell LWBR-3528

Lowell LWBR-3528

Lowell LWBR-3528
Item# LWBR-3528

Product Description


LWBR-3528: Wall Rack with Base 35U x 28?D


Wall-mount rack swings open with a single-release grasp and pivots smoothly on internal spring-loaded hinges and stainless steel ball transfers set into the base, which adds an additional 4U to load capacity. Slam latch closure.



  • Rack Space:  35U (+4U in base)
  • Height:  77.03 in.
  • Width:  23.06 in.
  • Depth:  28.40 in. (26 usable)


  • Cabinet with welded sides opens with a single-release grasp, then pivots smoothly on stainless steel ball transfers, swinging 90 degrees to access equipment connections (field-changeable to left hand swing). Slam latch closure. Top opening with integral E.I.A. rail accommodates standard 19 in. accessories or included solid closure panels.
  • One pair adjustable mounting rails tapped 10-32, printed RU scale
  • Backbox (4.69 in. deep) mounts on 16 in. centers. Large central cutout fits over wall obstructions. Removable knockout panel on top has knockouts for wireless antennas and combination knockouts for conduit.
  • Support base (4U) has access panels and stainless steel ball transfers to support cabinet
  • Black wrinkle powder epoxy finish
  • Load capacity 500 lbs.
  • Pilot Point screws with captive washers


  • EIA/TIA compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Certified U.S. steel
  • Made in Missouri, U.S.A.


  • The E.I.A. compliant wall-mount rack shall be Lowell Model No. LWBR-3528, which shall consist of a backbox and cabinet with base. Overall measurements shall be 77.03"H x 28.4"D x 23.06"W with 35U rack space. Construction shall be 16 gauge welded steel with beveled corners and black wrinkle powder epoxy finish. The cabinet shall provide 90 degree pivot capability and swing open from a right hinge, which shall be field-changeable to left swing orientation. The cabinet shall feature vented side panels, one pair of adjustable mounting rails, and a keyed lock to secure it to the backbox. It shall include side-mounted fixed rails to accommodate optional power strips. The open top shall have knockouts for conduit, knockouts for BNC antennas, lacing points, and provisions to attach board-mounted accessories. The base shall include stainless steel ball transfers and two access panels to provide an additional 4U of panel space when the front panel is removed. It shall have a load rating of 500 lbs. The backbox with center opening shall be 4.69"D and mount on 16" centers.

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