Lowell LUH-VRG

Lowell LUH-VRG

Lowell LUH-VRG

Product Description


LUH-VRG: Vandal-resistant Grille

LUH vandal resistant grille made from cast aluminum is designed to protect Lowell Unihorn models from damage in applications where vandalism and abuse are a concern such as in schools, correctional facilities, transportation terminals, manufacturing areas, hospitals and distribution centers.


  • Material:  Cast-aluminum with secondary stainless steel barrier screen
  • Size:  8.02 in. diameter x 0.78 in. deep
  • Network Grey powder epoxy finish
  • Four tamper-resistant 8-32 spanner screws (for mounting to Unihorn's trim ring)
  • Four stainless steel 8-32 nuts (for mounting directly to Unihorn when trim ring is not used)


  • The LUH vandal resistant grille shall be Lowell model #LUH-VRG, which shall be heavy duty cast aluminum with a stainless steel barrier screen to protect the horn from damage. The round grille shall have an 8.02 in. diameter with a mounting projection of 0.78 in. It shall include stainless steel 8-32 spanner screws to mount to the trim ring (included with some models of Unihorn), and 8-32 stainless steel nuts to mount directly to the Unihorn when a trim ring is not used. The grille shall have a Network Grey powder epoxy finish.

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