Lowell LCDR-3524

Lowell LCDR-3524

Lowell LCDR-3524
Item# LCDR-3524

Product Description


LCDR-3524: Configured Design Rack


An elegant design made for the high-end decor of boardrooms and home theaters, this ready-to-use rack includes casters, leg levelers, seven shelves, seven blank panels, two fans, lockable side panels, a rear access cover, and a tempered glass front door. Charcoal Grey textured finish.



• Rack Space:  35U

• Overall Height:  65.43 in. (68.18 in. with casters)

• Overall Width:  22.31 in.

• Overall Depth:  24.00 in.


• Solid top with vents and cable entry port

• Base with open center and cable entry ports

• Removable side access covers with key locks (opens from top)

• Rear access cover with key lock (opens from top)

• Smoked grey tempered glass front door with key lock

• Two-pair fully adjustable rails tapped 10-32 (printed RU scale)

• Pilot Point screws with captive washers

• Grounding stud

• Beveled corners

• Charcoal Grey textured powder epoxy finish

• Load capacity 980 lbs.


• Swivel casters

• Leg levelers

• Vented shelves (7)

• Blank panels (7)

• Whisper fans in top vents (2)


• EIA/TIA compliant

• RoHS compliant

• Certified U.S. steel

• Made in Missouri, U.S.A.



The EIA/TIA compliant 19" equipment rack shall be Lowell Model No. LCDR-3524 which shall measure 22.31"W x 24.00"D x 68.18"H (with casters). The rack shall have 35U panel space and 980 lbs. load capacity. Construction shall be fully welded 16-gauge steel with 16-ga. top/bottom reinforced at load-bearing junctions and finished with a charcoal grey textured coating. It shall include a smoked grey tempered glass front door with key lock, recessed rear access cover with key lock, removable side panels with locks, two pairs of 11-gauge steel rails with mounting holes tapped 10-32 and rack unit increments printed on EIA spacing, steel top with 2 vents and a hole with grommet for cable access, seven (2U x 18"D) shelves with vents, and seven (2U) blank panels. The base shall feature a center opening, 2 holes with grommets for rear cable access, a grounding stud, 4 casters (2 locking) and 4 leg levelers.


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