Lowell FW2-KITT-VB

Lowell FW2-KITT-VB

Lowell FW2-KITT-VB

Product Description


FW2-KIT Series: Whisper Fan Kit (2)


Fan kits for LWR Series racks include two single fans, a set of vent blockers and a power cord. Optional built-in thermostat.



  • Two single (4.7 in. sq. x 1.5 in.) cast aluminum housings with black finish. Each housing has a 4.7 in. dia. fan with 50cfm airflow and 28dBA noise rating, and fan guards.
  • Set of three magnetic vent blockers
  • Choose standard cord or cord with built-in thermostat to control fan operation


  • Thermal management kit shall be Lowell Model No. _________ which shall feature two single (4.7” sq. x 1.5”D) cast aluminum housings with black finish, each holding a 4.7” dia. fan with 50cfm airflow and 28dBA noise rating. The unit shall include fan guards and a dual output cord and plug. It shall also include a total of three panels to block vents and help manage airflow in an LWR Series rack. The panels shall be magnetic on one side and measure 19" x 1.5" (one panel) and 16.5" x 5.25" (two panels).
  • FW2-KITT-VB Only: The cord shall include a built-in thermostat.

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