Lowell 8XD4

Lowell 8XD4

Lowell 8XD4
Item# 8XD4

Product Description


Backbox #8XD4

Molded high density polypropylene plastic enclosure provides lightweight rust-resistant performance. The natural acoustic properties of plastic combined with interior ribs provide effective resonance and vibration control. For use with 8 in. driver in new or existing construction


• Material:  Steel

• Finish:  White

• Diameter:  10.00 in., tapered

• Depth:  4.00 in.

• Volume:   0.147 cu.ft.

• Acoustical Treatment:  Foam pad

• Mounting & Installation Aids:  Knockouts (1 top planished, 4 side), clips

• For Grille Type:  Screw-mount

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