Eternal Lighting EchoEDGE™ MK2

Eternal Lighting EchoEDGE™ MK2

Eternal Lighting EchoEDGE™ MK2

Product Description



Description: Wireless Solutions W-DMX is available.

If you are looking for the perfect up lighting tool, then you are in the right place.
The CUBE EchoEDGE™ is the latest product released from Eternal Lighting part of the
CUBE™ Series.  One of the first battery powered, wireless DMX built-in fixtures to offer
RGBWA+UV (that's Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and UV).  This all in one edge
style light is powerful with 18 Watt LEDs, and an easy to read and easy to use LED Display.


Features & Technical Specifications:

    • (8) 18 Watt All in One RGBWA+UV LEDs
    • Six in One LEDs RGBWA Fixture - RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, AMBER and UV!
    • Bi-Color Painted Housing - (See Video) One Side is White, the other is Black
      with a Magnetic attachable top.
    • 3CH, 4CH, 5CH, 6CH, 8CH,11CH, or 13CH DMX Modes
    • Flicker Free Refresh Rate >400 Hz (HDTV Video, Guaranteed No Flicker)
    • Ideal for ideal for HDTV recordings with Flicker Free operation
    • Sound Active with 2 Sound Active Modes (1 Without Strobe/1 With Strobe)
    • Auto Mode with 8 Speed Settings
    • Smooth Color Mixing
    • Fade mode with 8 Speed Settings
    • 50 Built-in Pre-Set Colors
    • Manual Color Mix Mode on Push Button Display
    • Built In Color Macros, Auto & Manual control
    • 16 Digit, 2 Line, Full Text read out Back-Lit LCD Push Button Display
    • Ability to create & store into memory 5 Custom/manual Colors.
    • Power In & Power Out
    • Master/Slave Control
    • Up to 20 Hours of Battery Life
    • Flush Mounted Wireless DMX Antenna recessed to keep the antenna safe
    • 2.4gHz Wireless DMX Receiver that is also a Transmitter (Up to 300ft Line of Sight)
    • Simultaneous master signal transmitting from Master to all other lights in range
    • IR Remote control. Also the Signal Received from the IR Remote can Transmit to the other lights by Wireless DMX.
      (Compatible with CUBE5, ElitePar5 EchoICON & CUBEecho)
    • Dual Mount Bracket for hanging or sitting on the floor
    • Rubber feet for non intrusive lay flat design.
    • Beam Angle - 45 Degree (Wide Wash)
    • Power: Operating Voltage: 90-264VAC, 47-63 Hertz

  • Power Consumption:  1.5 amp per fixture
    PHOTOMETRICS: 19,345 LUX @ 1meter (Full Power)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 16 7/8" x 3 3/4" x 7.00"
  • Weight 9.8lbs


Master Slave settings on the CUBEecho MK2 W-DMX

 First to make this simple please get two lights in front of you and have all others off. Once you do this the first time you will see how easy it is and you can try with 10-200 lights.

 On the back of the CUBEecho MK2 W-DMX There is two red buttons with W-DMX built into the light.

 One Button is a “Latching button” you press it in and it will lock in the down position. Then you can press it again and it will pop up.

 Other Button is the “Spring button” you can press it down and it springs up when you let go of the button.


Step 1. Make sure all your lights are set to Slave on the push button display settings.

 Step 2. On the Slave lights you need to make sure the “Latching button” is popped out.

 Step 3. Next you need to press and hold (about 7 seconds) the “Spring button” until the Transceiver Indicator LED is off (Blacked out)

 Step 4. Now select a light to make a Master by setting it to Master in the push button display settings.

 Step 5. Next on the Master light you press the “Latching button” down.

 Step 6. On the Master Light hold the “Spring button” for 2 seconds and release.

(You will see all of the Transceiver Indicator LED blink while connecting and then stay on when connected. This Master light is now connected to all the Slave lights.)

You can now use the Push button display or IR Remote Plus (When IR INFA is set to Enable) to control the lights

You will be so thrilled to know a thinking green LED lighting manufacture has brought to light the missing link in lighting design for room wall wash lighting to an all new level. That missing link is in the details making this par fixture unlike any other fixture on the market today. The impossible before is now a reality. The proprietary EliteProgramming™ & DMX control on board the ElitePar™ RGBA and  ElitePar™ Series in part or in its entirety is the intellectual property (IP) of Eternal Lighting Company. Licensing for EliteProgramming™ and more information can be found by contacting Eternal Lighting with the contact form on our site.  The ElitePar™ Series including the CUBE™ Series are trademarks or Eternal Lighting LLC. 

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