CAD AUDIO ANT120 UHF Paddle Antenna (600Mhz to 960Mhz) Pair (Free Shipping)

CAD AUDIO ANT120 UHF Paddle Antenna (600Mhz to 960Mhz) Pair
Manufacturer: CAD AUDIO
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    UHF LPDA paddle antenna. BNC connector, 520Mhz–
    860Mhz, 50ohm impedance, 7dBi of gain.
    The CAD Audio ANT120 UHF Paddle Antenna (520 to 860 MHz) Pair is a log-periodic dipole array type antenna that features vertical polarization when oriented vertically. It also features BNC type termination and a 5/8”- 27 threaded stand connector. The ANT120 is compatible with the WX100 Series Wireless System.
    Type Log-periodic dipole array
    Frequency Range 520 to 860 MHz
    Polarization Vertical, when oriented vertically
    Gain 7 dBi
    Impedance 50 ?
    VSWR 1.7 : 1.0
    Termination Type: BNC
    Elements Number of Elements: 9
    Mounting Mounting Connector: 5/8” - 27 threaded stand connector
    Compatible With WX100 Series Wireless System
    Dimensions 11.31 x 10.31” ( 28.73 x 26.19 cm)
    Weight 6.30 oz (0.17 kg)