BBE BMAX BASS PREAMP High Quality Bass Preamp/Processor

BBE BMAX BASS PREAMP High Quality Bass Preamp/Processor


Product Description

The BMAX is a high quality bass preamp/processor with applications both in the recording studio and on the road in demanding live applications. The BMAX has the warmth and dynamic range usually found in all-tube designs and delivers the punch and clarity of the best tube preamplifiers.

At the heart of the BMAX is a class A/B front-end, the input of which emulates the loading effect that the input of classic-design tube preamp would present to the bass pickups, and one of the key aspects in the warmth and punch of tube preamps. The DI section is pure and clean with electronically-balanced output. 1% metal film resistors, military-spec PC board complete the no-compromise design of the BMAX.

While no expense was spared in the engineering and internal componentry, the packaging of the BMAX received the utmost attention to detail. From the 1/4” thick extruded front panel to thoughfully designed ergonomics to the red-abalone-topped knobs, the fit and finish of the BMAX exudes quality craftsmanship.

Bassists seeking a premium electric bass preamplifier should certainly audition the BMAX. No other bass preamp in its price range can approach the total quality, feature set and superb tone of the BMAX.


The BMAX is perfect anywhere an extremely high-quality, pristine preamplifier is required for the bass guitar.

In the recording studio where a bass amplifier is impractical due to space or loudness considerations.

In performance applications, where players will find the BMAX ergonomics intuitive and easy to use.

The BMAX EQ and Dynamic controls, combined with the patented Sonic Maximizer processor, afford a wide palette of tonal choices.

  • Full Function 4th Generation BBE Sonic Maximizer processor
  • Solid-state
  • Class A/B front-end with interactive 3 band
  • EQ and interactive “bright” switch
  • Electronically balanced DI output
  • Quasi-parametric mid-range EQ with 12db of boost or cut between 250 to 1000hz
  • Single-knob soft-knee optical compressor
  • Inputs for both passive pickup and active pickup instruments
  • 1 meg ohm input impedance
  • Ground lift switch
  • Balanced XLR and ¼” TRS Outputs
  • Military-spec circuit boards
  • Extra thick, extra wide circuit board traces for unequaled electron flow
  • 1% metal film resistors throughout
  • Solid 1/4” thick aluminum extrusion front panel for extreme ruggedness

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