AKG PRO PR4500 BD1 Wireless Microphone System 4500

AKG PRO PR4500 BD1 Wireless Microphone System 4500

Item# 3203H00010

Product Description



for ENG/EFP, event video and videography applications

The PR4500 ENG is a reference wireless diversity camera receiver, providing maximum ease of use with an automatic setup function and scan of the radio frequency environment.

The outstanding audio quality with a very high signal to noise performance avoids any disturbing ground noise whilst recording. A separate headphone output provides a direct monitoring possibility and the three step LED audio meter shows signal quality.

All relevant system information is shown on a prominent illuminated display. Its precise battery life readout is a valuable advantage during demanding field work.

Auto setup and environment scan
for quick and easy setup

Up to 18 simultaneous channels
for safe channel management in huge productions


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