YORKVILLE TX8 Stereo 4/WAY Processor TX-Series

YORKVILLE TX8 Stereo 4/WAY Processor TX-Series
Condition: New
Item #: TX8

Product Description

DynamiC yet effiCient, the TX8 is a Category leader. This seamless three-way enClosure is Capable of extremely high output levels with low distortion. The large motor 2" high frequenCy driver utilizes a titanium diaphragm and is mounted on a Custom 60° x 40° horn that starts direCtly at the driver phasing plug, thus eliminating horn throat 'squeeze'. The proprietary ultra-light mass 8" midrange driver and wave-guide horn Combination provide loud, Crystal Clear reproduCtion throughout the entire midband.
Two low Cone mass b&C 15" woofers are mounted in a quasi-horn loaded Configuration resulting in astonishing lowband effiCienCy. The small footprint baltiC birCh enClosure uses high rigidity braCing and inCorporates an extremely flexible top and bottom aTm Fly-ware™ flytraCk and internal bumper system for aCCurate yet Cost effeCtive 'flying'.

  • High effiCienCy, CompaCt trapezoidal enClosure designs
  • advanCed horn teChnology for Controlled appliCation of leading edge drivers from world-renowned manufaCturers
  • ultra-low distortion at extreme sound pressure levels
  • roCk solid 13-ply baltiC birCh enClosures with rigid braCing
  • aCCurate, flexible aTm Fly-ware™ amts series internal bumper and flytraCk system
  • ExCellent 'flown' performanCe in aCCurately formatted arrays
  • Outstanding long distanCe projeCtion
  • Consistent box to box produCtion using advanCed quality assuranCe methodology & CaD/Cam teChnology
  • Fool proof proteCtion & Crossover networks using dependable and simple to use yet highly advanCed analog signal proCessors
  • speakon™ eight pin interConneCts throughout
  • EnClosure dimensions Configured for optimum truCk paCk
  • Optional, rugged DOLLYs for seleCted Cabinets

  • speCifiCation
  • system Type 3-way Trapezoid
  • aCtive or passive passive
  • biamp Operation Only yes
  • sensitivity (db @1watt/1m) HF:110, mF:109, lF:104
  • max spl (db) 134
  • FrequenCy response (Hz +/- 3db) 60 - 19k
  • HF Driver(s) 1 x 2 inCh CeramiC with titanium diaphragm
  • HF program power (watts) 120
  • HF ImpedanCe (Ohms) 8
  • HF Horn Custom waveguide, phase plug Coupled
  • HF Dispersion (°H x °v) 60 x 40
  • mF Driver(s) 1 x 8 inCh, Cast frame
  • mF program power (watts) 100
  • mF ImpedanCe (Ohms) 8
  • mF Horn waveguide
  • mF Dispersion (°H x °v) 60 x 30
  • lF Driver(s) 2 x 15 inCh Cast frame
  • lF program power(watts) 800
  • lF ImpedanCe (Ohms) 4
  • lF Horn 90 degree hybrid manifold
  • Total power (watts) 1020
  • Inputs - speakon 4-pin 1 (subwoofer out)
  • Inputs - speakon 8-pin 2
  • Flying Hardware aTm™ top, bottom and sides
  • InCluded Hardware 17 inCh flytraCk, bar and quiCkpin slots
  • Optional Flying Hardware swivel ring, eyebolt, shaCkle, bar, quiCkpin
  • bar Handles 8
  • EnClosure materials 18mm / .71 inCh - 13-ply baltiC birCh plywood
  • Grille 16 gauge perforated metal
  • Covering / Finish blaCk ultrathane paint
  • proCessor (optional) TX8p
  • Dimensions (DwH xbaCkw, inChes) 23.9 x 23.9 x 50 x 11.3
  • Dimensions (DwH xbaCkw, Cm) 60.7 x 60.7 x 127 x 28.7
  • weight (lbs/kg) 214.5 / 97.3