YORKVILLE NX750P-2 15-inch / 1.5-inch - 750 watts NX Series - Powered Loudspeakers

YORKVILLE NX750P-2 15-inch / 1.5-inch - 750 watts NX Series - Powered Loudspeakers
The NX750P-2 represents the culmination of all Yorkville's research and development in molded technology to this point. The injection molded, internally multi-fin-braced enclosure supports a high-performance 15" high-powered woofer and rotatable 80 x 50 custom ABS waveguide horn, all protected by a perforated metal grill. A rugged carrying handle, speaker stand socket and reinforced threaded flypoints are also built in.

Innovative biamplified power module uses a two-tier class H linear technology to produce loud clean transients to match the high output of the woofer. Its two-tier design technology is lower in weight and more efficient than conventional amplifiers while providing higher headroom and lower operating temperature - a perfect solution for powering the top end.

A newly designed switch-mode amplifier drives the woofer in the NX750P-2. The amplifier uses Class D switching technology, in part to reduce overall weight - it also runs cooler. Class D technology is similar to the power supply found in the trend-setting Elite EF500P's amplifier. Of particular significance is this technology's inherently low heat production which ensures reliability in a wide range of environments. Then the NX750P-2's combination of neodymium woofer magnetics and lightweight composite enclosure materials further ensure that all this remarkable performance comes in a lightweight, durable package.

Added to this is a great degree of versatility. For example the NX750P-2 can easily be used in any orientation - vertical or horizontal (eg stand-mounted or as a floor monitor) - close to walls in installations (flypoints are built-in) or in arrays with multiple NX750P-2s. There is also a versatile direct input system and built-in mixer. The mixer allows the NX750P-2 to be used directly with a microphone and/or a line source.

A "loop" output allows multiple NX750P-2s to be interconnected with mic or patch cables and controlled by one cabinet's mixer stage or direct line input. Here's another versatile trick - you can combine NX750P-2's using the mixer inputs on each cabinet and coupling the loop outputs to provide a complete, easy-to-use PA with its own microphone inputs and line inputs for background music or other audio. It's ideal for duos in small clubs, also presentations or teaching applications. Many NX750P-2's can be linked together but a maximum of three "mixers" can be active at any one time making three mic sources and six line sources available in any three-or-more-cabinet arrays. The trim control allows looped cabinets to be individually adjusted in level. Finally, the microphone input has bass and treble equalization and a 100Hz selectable high-pass filter appropriate for vocal-only applications or to let you add NX or Elite powered subwoofers, without a crossover.

Acoustic performance is ultimately the most important factor in any loudspeaker. The NX750P-2 offers 134dB (Peak) of maximum sound pressure potential and a wide, smooth audio range to ensure fidelity throughout the audience area.

  • System Type - 2-Way
  • Active or Passive - Active
  • Program Power (Watts) - 750 Watts (1600 Watts Peak)
  • Biampable - Self Powered
  • Max SPL (dB) - 133dB Peak (127dB Continuous)
  • Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3dB) - 50 - 26k
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz) - 1400
  • Driver Configuration - 15-inch / 1.5-inch
  • HF Driver(s) - 1.5-inch Polyester voicecoil (1-inch Throat)
  • HF Dispersion (H x V) - 80 x 50 rotatable
  • LF Driver(s) - 15-inch w/ 3-inch voicecoil
  • HF Amplifier Type - Two Tier Class H
  • LF Amplifier Type - Class D
  • Power Cable - Yes
  • Power Switch - Yes
  • Inputs - 7
  • Inputs - 1/4" Jacks - 2 (line input) 2 (link in/out)
  • Inputs - XLR - 1 (mic) 2 (line in/out)
  • Input Sensitivity (Vrms Sine) - +4dBv / 1.23V
  • Mixer Controls - Mixer on/off switch / Mic Gain / Line/CD Gain / Treble/Bass Tweak
  • Level Controls - +6dB/-infinity Main Volume
  • EQ Controls - 100Hz HP Filter (LF Rolloff)
  • Limiter - Yes
  • LED Indicators - Power/Clip/Limit
  • Other Controls / Features - Side recesses for ease of lifting
  • Feet - Yes
  • Bar Handles - 1 (Side)
  • Flying Hardware - 1/4-20 x 5 - 2 (Top), 2 (Bottom), 1 (Pullback)
  • Optional Flying Hardware - NX Flyware
  • Pole Mount Adapter (1 3/8"-3.5cm) - Yes
  • Enclosure Materials - Injection molded Polypropylene
  • Grille - Perforated Metal
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches) - 15 x 22 x 32 x 9.5
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm) - 38 x 56 x 84 x 24
  • Weight (lbs/kg) - 62 / 28

  • Integrated 1600 Watt Amplifier (Peak - 750 Watts Program)
  • Max SPL 133dB Peak (127dB Continuous)
  • Ultra-light injection molded Polypropylene construction
  • Dual purpose full range and wedge monitor format enclosure
  • Ultra-clear reproduction throughout bandwidth
  • Lightweight, high efficiency, high tech Bi-amped power module
  • Proven TX style processing and component protection
  • +6dB/-infinity input trim control for individual cabinet level adjustment
  • XLR and TRS inputs / outputs for easy connection and looping
  • Multi-input source mixer for direct inputs
  • Direct microphone input with level control
  • Two-way overall EQ controls
  • High quality 1.5" High Frequency driver
  • Rotatable 80 x 50 horn
  • Next generation woofer / driver / horn technology
  • Integrated flying hardware (1/4-20 threaded holes)
  • Tough, full length metal grille
  • Recessed Mixer panel
  • Made in Canada