Every élite enclosure can be used with an optional, dedicated stereo processor which is designed to optimize the performance of that specific cabinet. The 19" rack-mountable processors interface between the output of the mixer and the input of the power amplifier(s) to provide both pre-equalization and crossover facilities, plus enhanced subsonic protection and hum-rejection. Variable crossover on the switchable Subwoofer OutputSubwoofer outputs features user variable 90Hz to 150Hz crossover frequency controls. Bass frequencies destined for the full-range enclosure's woofer, which are more effectively reproduced by the subwoofer are rolled off. A two or three way system can be achieved by adding a subwoofer to your existing élite system. It also features push buttons for live/playback mode, bi-amp/full range mode and subwoofer in/out. All processors feature balanced 1/4" TRS (XLR optional on EP152 and EP2152) inputs and outputs and can be used with all Yorkville subwoofers – they are even compatible with our competitor's subs! All feature a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 97dB and a max output of 8Vrms, 20dBm at 1kHz.


  • Full Range with subwoofer
  • Bi-amp with subwoofer modes
  • XLR” inputs and outputs
  • Subwoofer crossover frequency control
  • Live / program music contour switch
  • APPSTM Subwoofer time alignment circuit (5ms delay)

  • Specifications

  • System Type: Two-Way
  • Active or Passive: Passive
  • Program Power (Watts): 1600 Watts (3200 Peak / 800 Continuous)
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms): 4
  • Sensitivity (dB @1Watt/1m): 102
  • Max SPL (dB): 137dB Peak (134dB Continuous)
  • Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3dB): 50 - 20k
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz) 1500:
  • Driver Configuration: 2 x 15-inch / 1.5-inch
  • HF Driver(s): 2-inch Titanium Diaphragm (1.5-inch throat )
  • HF Horn: Composite Conical Radial
  • HF Dispersion (°H x °V): 90 x 40
  • HF Protection: ATP™
  • LF Driver(s): 2 x 15-inch (3-inch voicecoil)
  • Inputs - 1/4" Jacks: 2
  • Inputs - Speakon 4-pin: 2
  • Flying Hardware: 3/8-inch x 9 (All Corners)
  • Wheels: 2
  • Bar Handles: 2 Corner, 2 Side
  • Enclosure Materials: 15mm (5/8inch) 11-ply Russian Birch
  • Grille: Perforated Metal
  • Covering / Finish: Black Ozite (Carpet)
  • Optional Covering / Finishes: Black Ultrathane Paint (E2152B)
  • Processor (optional): EP2152 vDimensions (DWH xbackW, inches): 19 x 26 x 45 x 18
  • Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm): 48 x 66 x 115 x 28
  • Weight (lbs/kg): 149 / 67.6