SENNHEISER HD280SILVER Closed, dynamic stereo headphones (Free Shipping)

SENNHEISER HD280SILVER Closed, dynamic stereo headphones
Manufacturer: SENNHEISER
Condition: New
Item #: HD280SILVER
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    The HD 280 silver is a closed-back, circumaural headphone designed for professional monitoring applications. Although suitable for a very wide range of applications, the exceptional 32 dB attenuation of external noise makes the HD 280 silver particularly suitable for use in a high-noise environment.

  • Accurate, linear reproduction for critical monitoring applications
  • Replaceable parts for long life
  • Neodymium magnets for optimum sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  • Very good attenuation of background noise
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable fit due to soft, circumaural ear pads
  • Easily replaceable, single-sided coiled cable
  • Space-saving design with collapsible, rotating ear-pieces
  • Silver earcups

  • Includes
  • 1 screw-type adaptor to 1/4