RCF TTL-55A (High Definition Active Systems) Line Arrays (Free Shipping)

RCF TTL-55A (High Definition Active Systems) Line Arrays
Manufacturer: RCF
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    The TTL55-A is a high power, three way, active line array module engineered to deliver an incredible output for use in indoor or outdoor large spaces. The system is designed to be easily scalable from few modules for medium and small theatres to full size arrays for very large outdoor stadia and public spaces.

    The three new designs for the six neodymium transducers that power the system represent the result of many years dedicated in pioneering new solutions using the best materials available on the market. The integration of the 3500 W four channel digital amplification and the advanced digital processing set a new standard for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency.

    • Tour grade cabinet and mechanics
    • 3500 Watt, 4 way amplification
    • 6 x high power neodymium transducers
    • High quality analog input board
    • 96 kHz, 32 bit DSP processing
    • Remote monitoring and control
    • Maximum output per size on the market
    • RDNet on board
    • Frequency Response -3 dB:50 Hz ÷ 20000 Hz
    • Max SPL:143 dB
    • Horizontal coverage angle:90°
    • Vertical coverage angle:max 7°
    • Compression Driver:3x1.5" neo, 2.5" voice coil
    • Midrange:10" neo, 3.5" voice coil
    • Woofer:2x12" neo, 4" voice coil
    • Input connectors:XLR, Ethercon
    • Output connectors:XLR, Ethercon
    • Input sensitivity:4 dBu
    • Crossover frequencies:320 Hz/1300 Hz
    • Protections:thermal, excurs., rms
    • Limiter:soft limiter
    • Controls:DSP controlled
    • Total power:3500 W RMS
    •    High frequencies:500 W RMS
    •    Mid frequencies:1000 W RMS
    •    Low frequencies:2x1000 W RMS
    • Cooling:convection/forced
    • Connections:powercon
    • Cabinet Material:baltic birch plywood
    • Hardware:array fly-ware
    • Handles:2 side
    • Height:380/15 mm/inch
    • Width:1020/40 mm/inch
    • Depth:550/21.6 mm/inch
    • Net Weight:67/147.7 kg/lbs