RANE RS-6 Power Supply (Free Shipping)

RANE RS-6 Power Supply
Manufacturer: RANE
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Item #: RS-6
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    The RS6 universal power supply only works with the Rane SL2, SL3, and SL4 (not for the SL1* or other Rane products). The supply includes different input plugs for the USA, Europe, UK and Australia. The USA plug is attached at the factory — you may need to replace it in your country. To remove a plug, push the button while turning the outer rim counterclockwise. To attach a plug, rotate it to fit into the supply and turn clockwise until it locks in place. This power supply is regulated 7.5 volts DC, 1 amp, using a P6 type barrel plug.

    *This supply does not work with the SL1. Ask at Radio Shack for a 9 volt DC 300 mA supply with Adaptaplug™ N.