PEAVEY Budda® Volume/Boost™ (Free Shipping)

PEAVEY Budda® Volume/Boost™
Manufacturer: PEAVEY
Condition: New
Item #: PEAVEY-BRS-97070
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    PEAVEY Budda® Volume/Boost™

    The Budda Volume/Boost pedal has all the features to be at home on even the most discriminating player's pedal board. Special circuitry allows the Budda Volume pedal to operate in either buffered active mode or bypassed passive mode. In active mode, if the battery is low, the pedal will automatically switch to passive mode. A minimum volume knob will help you set the rhythm volume just where you want it. Super clean sound helps you get the best clean solo tone. A gain trim pot on the bottom allows you to set the level of the toe switched boost. The Budda Volume/Boost pedal's premium components are the perfect compliment for the striking purple exterior of the pedal. The Budda Volume/Boost pedal is the best volume pedal for your Budda rig!

    Operate in either buffered active mode or bypassed passive mode
    Minimum volume knob
    Gain trim pot on bottom to set level of toe switched boost
    Active mode automatically switches to passive mode if battery is low
    Weight Packed: 4.41 lb(2 kg)
    Width Packed: 4.825"(12.2555 cm)
    Height Packed: 11.25"(28.575 cm)
    Depth Packed: 3.625"(9.2075 cm)