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    The Peavey iSPD™ Pro is a programmable power sequencer with many applications in the audio/video industry. Each of its 8 power outlets is individually controlled and its delay time can be individually set. Any of the 8 outputs can also be configured for constant on as well. When your requirements call for more than one unit, up to 8 iSPD Pro sequencers can be inter-connected via an RS 485 interface requiring only with a simple twisted pair. The units can be configured and monitored over Ethernet using the management software provided.

    There are several reasons to use a power sequencer to turn on system equipment. When powering on sound system equipment, it is always a good idea to power on low level equipment like mixers and signal processors first allowing them to stabilize before energizing the power amplifiers. This helps prevent unintended pops and noises from being amplified and sent to the loud speakers. Most electronic equipment requires a surge of power from the power line when it is first turned on. This is an even bigger issue for high power devices like power amplifiers. By sequencing the turn-on of equipment, the instantaneous power demand can be greatly reduced.

    8 output channels with individually adjustable delay time
    Front panel or remote power sequence control
    Additional units may be linked for expanded capacity
    Control Graphical interface program for custom configuration and monitoring over Ethernet
    Maximum load current on each channel 15A
    Input voltage 100-120 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Weight Unpacked: 8.33 lb(3.78 kg)
    Weight Packed: 10.14 lb(4.6 kg)
    Width Packed: 11.69"(29.6926 cm)
    Height Packed: 21.14"(53.6956 cm)
    Depth Packed: 4.9"(12.446 cm)