PEAVEY Robert Randolph Sign Head (Free Shipping)

PEAVEY Robert Randolph Sign Head
Manufacturer: PEAVEY
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    PEAVEY Robert Randolph Sign Head

    The Randolph Signature Steel Amp has a classic Peavey appearance that will be immediately familiar, but is jam-packed with modern features designed with and for Robert Randolph, one of the most recognizable and accomplished steel players of the modern era.

    This "crossover" amp is a highly roadworthy solid state design with concessions for pedal steel, lap steel, and guitar applications. Meticulously voiced by Robert Randolph over several iterations that evolved from proven Peavey steel amp designs, this 500W stereo beast (250W per side) works equally well for a variety of instruments, per Robert's exacting specifications. The result is an extremely versatile amplifier that is capable of capturing the sounds of Peavey steel guitar amps from years past as well as those of overdriven, vintage "boutique" models that cost tens of thousands of dollars on the secondary market. The head format allows for any number of speaker options for optimal tone possibilities, including the new high-output 212-RR stereo/mono cabinet (which is now a mainstay for Robert) as well as the new 115-N cabinet that retains the classic Peavey steel amp sound, a beloved standard of pedal steel players for nearly 45 years.

    The included MIDI hand controller clips to any standard microphone stand and can be replaced by any other standard MIDI switching device for maximum flexibility in switching your rig. Featuring pre-EQ loop, separate mono and stereo post-EQ loops, "smart" stereo loop switching, an added boost function, and a studio-quality digital effects section, this may be the last amp that you will ever need.

    Pre Gain
    EFX Parameter controls for Chorus Depth/Rate, Plate Reverb level, Delay Level/Feedback
    Remote switchable Tap Tempo for Delay
    Remote switchable digital effects defeat
    All delay and reverb "tails" remain intact during any switching
    Spring reverb level (remote switchable)
    500W RMS Stereo Power (250W per side into 4 Ohms)
    Proprietary MIDI Remote Controller included
    MIDI protocol for remote switching
    Stereo MSDIs with ground lifts
    1/4" Speaker outputs
    Pre-EQ loop for volume pedals; Post-EQ effects loop (remote switchable)
    Stereo Effects loops (rear, remote switchable) which sum to mono when only one cabinet is used
    Front end boost circuit (remote switchable)
    Special EQ voicing- voiced to Robert Randolph's exact specifications
    Master Gain control
    Weight Packed: 36.16 lb(16.4 kg)
    Width Packed: 13"(33.02 cm)
    Height Packed: 26"(66.04 cm)
    Depth Packed: 11.5"(29.21 cm)