PEAVEY 6505® MH (Free Shipping)

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    PEAVEY 6505® MH

    Featuring an all tube preamp and power amp, the 6505® MH authentically produces the much loved tones of the legendary Peavey 6505 in a small, portable package.

    The 6505® MH Mini Head has two channels that follow the same gain structure and voicing of its big brother! The channels share EQ, lush reverb and an effects loop. Channels, crunch, effects loop and reverb are all footswitchable.

    T.S.I.™ tube monitoring constantly lets you know that your power tubes are in good shape, and if not, which ones need to be replaced.

    The back panel of the 6505 MH is full of modern technology, including Peavey's exclusive MSDI output, USB recording output, headphone output, speaker defeat switch, plus a built-in power attenuator!

    2x EL84 power tubes and 3x12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes
    Two footswitchable channels with 3-band EQ
    Footswitchable crunch on Rhythm channel
    Footswitchable reverb
    Footswitchable buffered effects loop
    Tube Status indication (T.S.I.™) circuit
    MSDI™ Output with XLR and ground lift switch
    USB output
    Speaker defeat switch
    Headphone output
    Attenuator switch for 20 watts, 5 watts, or 1 watt output power
    Footswitch included
    Impedance switch for 16 or 8ohm cabinets
    Weight Unpacked: 16.64 lb(7.55 kg)
    Weight Packed: 20.50 lb(9.3 kg)
    Width Packed: 13.125"(33.3375 cm)
    Height Packed: 19.375"(49.2125 cm)
    Depth Packed: 12.375"(31.4325 cm)