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PEAVEY Versarray™ 118
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    PEAVEY Versarray™ 118

    With premium 13-ply Baltic birch construction, a durable acrylic polyurethane finish and a 16-gauge, powder-coated perforated metal grille, the Versarray 118 is built to endure years of heavy use. The cabinet is well braced and stiff, and the large vent area and long path allow for huge volumes of air to cool the enclosure with low resistance.

    Input connections are made via two 4-pin Neutrik® jacks in parallel, or an 8-pin Neutrik with a 4-pin Neutrik thru jack for bi-amping. An optional mounting pole can support a two-box array of Versarray 112 enclosures

    4800 watts peak
    Frequency Response: 45 Hz to 1.5 kHz (anechoic environment)
    Full-power low-frequency response down to 38 Hz
    One 18" vented Lo Max® woofer, 8 ohms
    Two Neutrik® four-pin Speakon® inputs in parallel
    One Neutrik® eight-pin Speakon® input
    One Neutrik® four-pin Speakon® thru input (use with eight-pin input)
    Durable GatorHyde® finish
    Power Handling: 1200 watts continuous, 2400 watts program
    Weight Unpacked: 113.10 lb(51.3 kg)
    Weight Packed: 123.46 lb(56 kg)
    Width Packed: 28.375"(72.0725 cm)
    Height Packed: 29.5"(74.93 cm)
    Depth Packed: 25.25"(64.135 cm)