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PEAVEY Headliner® 210
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    PEAVEY Headliner® 210

    The new Headliner™ series has been re-designed from the ground up for the serious bass player on a budget. Voiced for punchy bass with lots of harmonic tone, the versatility and performance of the Headliner™ 210 encourages use with any fine bass amp head.

    The Headliner™ 210 is constructed using internal bracing, and is covered with road-worthy black carpet. Steel corners protect the cabinet from the rigors of the road. The cabinet includes a black powdercoat finished 16 gauge perforated metal grille.

    The two 10" ferrite magnet woofers are designed with a rich bass tone in mind. The sealed cabinet insures tight bass notes, with every note rendered precisely. Inputs include two 1/4" input phone jacks, and one 4-pin twist-lock connector for maximum flexibility.

    With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, and a power handling of 400 watts program and 800 watts peak, the Headliner™ 210 can be used in conjunction with any reasonably sized bass amp head. With the 8 ohm impedance, the Headliner™ 210 can be easily stacked on top of a Headliner™ 410 cabinet, resulting in a 4 ohm total load.

    400 watts program power handling
    800 watts peak
    Two custom-designed 10" ceramic magnet woofers
    8 ohms impedance
    18mm MDF cabinet with internal bracing and steel corners
    16-gauge perforated metal grille
    Durable black carpet covering
    Two 1/4" input jacks and one NL4 four-pin receptacle
    Weight Unpacked: 52.00 lb(23.587 kg)
    Weight Packed: 63.00 lb(28.576 kg)
    Width Packed: 19.75"(50.165 cm)
    Height Packed: 27.75"(70.485 cm)
    Depth Packed: 23"(58.42 cm)