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PEAVEY Studio ProŽ M2
Manufacturer: PEAVEY
Condition: New
Item #: PEAVEY-00488040
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    PEAVEY Studio ProŽ M2

    Pressure gradient transducer with gold plated double membrane capsule. Choose between cardioid, figure 8 and omni pickup patterns. The M2 also offers -10 dB attenuation switch that allows the microphone to handle up to 140 dB without distortion.

    Pressure gradient transducer with double gold plated membrane capsule
    Variable pattern large diaphragm microphone
    Three directional characteristics: omni, cardioid, figure-8
    20 dB front to back rejection
    200 ohms
    Flat frequency response of 30 Hz - 20 kHz
    16 mV sensitivity
    140 dB maximum SPL
    48 volt phantom power required
    Low noise, transformer circuitry
    Switchable,low frequency roll-off
    Switchable, 10 dB pre-attenuation
    Carrying case included
    Optional accessory: Studio Pro Shock Mount
    Weight Unpacked: 2.65 lb(1.2 kg)
    Weight Packed: 3.09 lb(1.4 kg)
    Width Packed: 9.25"(23.495 cm)
    Height Packed: 11.375"(28.8925 cm)
    Depth Packed: 3.125"(7.9375 cm)