GO PRO. Drawing on a rich heritage in speaker design, the RM series monitors with HD coaxial driver units are the perfect solution for professional producers. These speakers are packed with pro-audio technology to deliver a high SPL and a neutral sound with clear separation across the frequencies – making them the ideal companion for near-field studio monitoring of high-res sounds.

On top, this monitor is equipped with custom-designed class AB bi-amps to ensure balance across the frequencies and an exclusive toroidal transformer power source that guarantees excellent S/N ratio and no distortion. Last but not least, a clip indicator on the front of the speaker protects the unit from excessive input.

KEY FEATURES ACCURATE POINT SOURCE MONITORING Unique HD coaxial driver units – inherited from our pro-audio brand TAD* – make sure that audio from the tweeter and woofer emanates from the same point for a more accurate sound and better response across the frequencies. A newly developed waveguide minimises interference between the drivers, producing neutral sound with excellent isolation, is perfect for near-field monitoring in a professional studio. * Technical Audio Devices Laboratories” (TAD Labs) is a Pioneer sub-brand preferred by professional studios since 1978.

PRECISE & ELECTRIFYING HIGH FREQUENCIES The 1.5-inch, aluminium, hard domed tweeters are especially designed for added frequency response*. The shape of the diaphragm and its materials are optimised to deliver precise, rousing high frequencies of up to 50 kHz. * Harmonised Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method (HSDOM)

AFAST ACOUSTIC TUBE Our patented AFAST* technology ensures clear and high-quality audio reproduction. An acoustic tube inside the cabinet and bass reflex port absorbs standing waves, drastically improving response in the low to mid ranges. * Acoustic Filter Assisted System Tuning (AFAST)

GROOVES FOR A SMOOTH BASS Aramid fibre woofers provide a tight bass response, while the front-loaded bass reflex system with innovative grooves on the ducts reduces air friction for a clean bass – even when the monitors are positioned right against the wall.

  • Type Bi-amp, 2-way bass reflex, active monitor speakers
  • Tweeter 1.5-inch Hard Dome aluminium HSDOM
  • Woofer 6.5-inch Aramid Fiber
  • Auto Standby Yes
  • Maximum Sound Pressure 109 dB
  • Amplifier Output Class A/B Bi-amp: 100 W LF: 100 W / 4 ? HF: 50 W / 4 ?
  • Impedance 10 k?
  • Input Sensitivity -40 dB ~ +6 dB
  • High EQ -2 dB/ -1 dB/ 0 dB/ +1 dB at 10 kHz
  • Mid EQ -4 dB/ -2 dB/ -1 dB/ 0 dB at 140 Hz
  • Low EQ -4 dB/ -2 dB/ 0 dB/ +2 dB at 50 Hz
  • Cross Over Frequency 1.6 kHz