PIONEER EFX-1000 DJ Effector 96 Khz/24 Bit (Free Shipping)

PIONEER EFX-1000 DJ Effector 96 Khz/24 Bit
Manufacturer: Pioneer
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Item #: EFX-1000
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    96 Khz/24 Bit Digital Sampling System with 32 Bit Digital Sound processing.

    The EFX-1000 offers more than the usual range of sound effects, including: Delay, Echo, Pitch Echo, Trans, Flanger, Filter and Phaser. For the first time in the industry, this product enables the DJ to beat match in sync with a pre-programmed rhythm. Alternately, the Pioneer EFX-1000 will measure beats per minute and beat match in sync with the tempo of the music. The user can select multiple frequency ranges (High, Mid, Low), vastly improving the musical expression compared with existing full-range effectors.

    Signal Flow Switch to change the signal path of the sound. This allows the DJ to create 49 patterns of effects in combination with the Beat Effect and Digital Jog Break. Depth Knob to adjust the strength and depth of effects. Character Knob to change the parameter of the effects. Mix Knob to change the balance of the original sound and effected sound.

    The large, easy-to-manipulate Digital Jog Break lets the user control sound effects including: Jet, Wah, Phase, Shifter Ring, Zip, Humanizer and Vocoder. The DJ can set a hold switch to maintain the sound effect, freeing up a hand. The Jog Memory Play memorizes and reproduces the dialís movements either once or in a continuous loop. The balance of the effects as well as the depth of the original sound can also be modified.

    Features: Depth Knob, KnobMix Knob, Character Knob, Signal Flow Switch and Bypass Switch, On/Lock On Switch enables smooth transitions. Level Meter Control Knob. Optional Foot Switch.