PIONEER CDJ-2000 NEXUS (CDJ2000NEXUS) Digital DJ Deck/CD Player with Wi-Fi Playback, Advanced Playback Options, and Pro DJ Link Interconnectivity - Includes "Rekordbox" (Free Shipping)

PIONEER CDJ-2000 NEXUS (CDJ2000NEXUS) Digital DJ Deck/CD Player with Wi-Fi Playback, Advanced Playback Options, and Pro DJ Link Interconnectivity - Includes "Rekordbox"
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    The industry standard has evolved - access your music over Wi-Fi / USB from smartphone or tablet. The Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-2000nexus is a real game-changer in the world of digital DJing. The first industry-standard digital turntable that uses both Wi-Fi and conventional USB connections to load tracks from your Mac, PC, or smartphone, the CDJ-2000nexus makes finding the right song easier and more intuitive than ever before. Of course, being a Pioneer Pro DJ deck, the CDJ-2000nexus comes stacked with other cool and useful functions as well. It's got a large 6.1" full-color LCD that lets you keep an eye on all the information and options you need to DJ, including the CDJ-2000nexus's enhanced Wave view. There are tons great playback options built in, plus cool new functions such as Slip Mode and Quantize Mode that give you great new ways to perform creatively, without dropping the groove. Check out the videos and keep reading to find out all about what the Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-2000nexus digital DJ deck has to offer.

    Includes “rekordbox™” music management software for advance preparation of music to be used in DJ play Music files can be analyzed with “rekordbox™” installed on a computer, music can be managed (settings, create/edit, save logs) in the optimum way for DJ play, and the music to be used can be prepared in advance. The “CDJ-2000nexus” features new music file analysis functions such as “WAVE ZOOM (waveform expansion)” and “KEY” as well as new “ACTIVE LOOP” and “HOT CUE AUTO LOAD” settings.

    By using an iPhone with the rekordbox™ for (iOS) installed, the iPhone can be used for preparation and management of music used in DJ play through features such as playlist creation, cue/loop point settings, beat location settings, waveform analysis, and so on. Also, by wirelessly transmitting to an iPhone music that has been managed with the “rekordbox™”*4 for Mac, preparations can be made while on the move or at one’s destination, and music information configured on iPhone can be wirelessly transmitted*3 to computers.

    “PRO DJ LINK” function expands scale of DJ performances By connecting multiple players (up to 4 units) with LAN cables, various new functions have been added to expand the scale of DJ performances alongside the existing content-sharing functions. Please refer to our support site for PRO DJ LINK set up guide and the list of the verified switching hubs for PRO DJ LINK.

    Full-color LCD display for quick song selection and instant understanding of musical progress The “CDJ-2000nexus” adopts a large 6.1-inch full-color LCD to clearly display information that is required when performing DJ play. Music artwork and large quantities of music information are displayed in lists, and the intended music can be found easily and intuitively. In addition to the existing “WAVE” display that provides a visual understanding of all music, “WAVE ZOOM” makes it possible to instantly grasp the preceding music development by displaying waveforms that can be expanded/minimized to five different levels color-coded according to bandwidth.

    “SLIP” and “QUANTIZE”*5 functions for reliable performance without changing progress of original music The “SLIP MODE” function keeps music moving in the background during LOOP/REVERSE/SCRATCH/ HOT CUE/PAUSE. This makes it possible to produce bold musical arrangements without changing the progress of the original music even after these functions have been used.

    The “CDJ-2000nexus” is loaded with a QUANTIZE function that automatically and accurately quantizes when using LOOP/REVERSE/HOT CUE, even if the dynamic of the beat has gone out of sync. This enables reliable performance without breaking the rhythm of music during playback.

    Support for various media and formats A wide range of media and formats are supported to suit various styles of DJ play. As well as smartphones/tablets, music files can also be played from USB storage devices such as flash memory and hard disks, SD memory cards, audio CDs and DVDs. MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF file formats are supported.

    Other functions
  • DJ software MIDI/HID control
  • “ACTIVE LOOP” automatically starts loops when playback begins from a specified point
  • “LOAD PREVIOUS TRACK” returns to music that has already been loaded
  • “RATING ON-THE-GO” enables tracks to be rated during play

  • Included “rekordbox™” music management software
  • Playable media iPhone/iPad/iPod touch,Android phone/Android Tablet, etc.,USB storage devices (flash memory/HDD, etc.), SD memory cards, computers (Mac/Windows PC), Audio CD, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW/R-DL
  • Playable files MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF ?(iOS version of "rekordbox™" enable to playback only MP3 and AAC)
  • USB storage support file systems?FAT, FAT32, HFS+
  • Frequency response?4Hz?20kHz
  • S/N ratio?115dB or more
  • Total harmonic distortion?0.0018% or less
  • USB ports?USB A port ×1, USB B port ×1
  • Audio output ports?AUDIO OUT(RCA)×??DIGITAL OUT(COAXIAL)×1
  • Other ports?LAN(100Base-TX)×1, CONTROL(?3.5 mm mini plug)×1
  • Audio output voltage?2.0Vrms
  • Power use?AC100-240V(50 Hz/60 Hz)
  • Electricity consumption:37W
  • Max. external dimensions?320mm(W)×405.7mm(D)×106.4mm(H)
  • Weight 4.7 kg