NUMARK X9 3-Channel Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects

NUMARK X9 3-Channel Digital Scratch Mixer with Effects
X9 is a three-channel digital scratch mixer with BEAT SYNC digital effects. For any DJ who values the fidelity and precision of their records, CDs, or digital files, X9 employs a 100%-digital signal path that incorporates technology from the music studio pros at Alesis.

This 24-bit mixer faithfully transmits every detail and nuance of your music adding zero distortion and zero noise. Each channel features three-band rotary EQ which cut ad finitum. Two sets of assignable, three-band Kill switches add further to the frequency manipulation controls.

X9 kicks your mixes up a notch with twelve 24-bit advanced, assignable, digital BEAT SYNC effects: Vocoder, Tape Echo, Echo, Flanger, Phaser, Filter, two type of Reverbs, and more, all sync to the beat or your tap input.

X9 has a D-Type digital, replaceable, assignable crossfader with reverse and continuous slope-controls, as well as mini-crossfader cueing, and balanced 1/4" outs for professional, reliable connection. X9 has everything you need, all you want, and then some.

  • Three-channel digital, tabletop mixer
  • 24-bit, no-noise, no-distortion digital mixing with Alesis technology
  • Digital effects interface with 12 BEAT SYNC effects with wet/dry control
  • Vocoder, Tape Echo, Echo, Flanger, Phaser, Filter, two type of Reverbs, and more
  • Inputs: three phono/line switchable (RCA), two line (RCA), two mic (1/4")
  • Outputs: Balanced (1/4", Master (RCA), Booth (RCA), Record (RCA),
  • Headphone (1/4" stereo)
  • D-Type digital crossfader with reverse and continuously adjustable slope control
  • Microphone channel with gain, EQ, on/off switch, and aux input
  • Three-band rotary, to-inifity EQs, and gain on each channel
  • Dual three-band Kill switches
  • Mini-crossfader cueing

    Technical Specifications:
    Audio Fidelity Specifications
  • SNR: >100dB @ 1kHz, full path, A-weighted
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz 0.5dB
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.005%
  • Full path: 22-22kHz
  • Line: >97dB SNR, 0.005% THD+N unweighted
  • Phono: >87dB SNR, 0.009% THD+N unweighted

  • Gain Range: ∞ +10dB

  • Low Crossover: 140 Hz
  • Upper Crossover: 3.2 kHz
  • Gain Range: ∞ +12dB
  • 24dB/Octave EQ Filters

  • Balanced Output Impedance: 330 Ohms

    Physical Specifications
  • Gross Weight: 5.58kg
  • Net Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Set size: 83 x 255 x 360mm
  • Inner carton dimension: 135 x 312 x 506mm
  • Outer carton dimension: 154 x 325 x 520mm
  • Power: 15 Watts