NUMARK MIXDECK QUAD - Universal 4-channel DJ System

NUMARK MIXDECK QUAD - Universal 4-channel DJ System
About MIXDECK QUAD FOUR ON THE FLOOR If you want to get people moving on the dance floor, the MIXDECK QUAD is a complete DJ system with 4 channel mixer that puts you in complete control at any event. Thanks to the integrated 4-channel mixer, you can cue and layer to your heart's content.

A POWERFUL SEQUEL Based upon the popular MIXDECK controller, the MIXDECK QUAD kicks it up a notch by adding support for core MIDI on the iPad, opening the world of Apps like Algoriddum's DJAY to your DJ rig. In addition we added a fully functional 4 channel digital/analog MIDI mixer, allowing total control of both the iPad and DJ software while mixing from CD, thumb drives, mics, or external sources.


  • Complete system with CD/MP3/USB decks, mixer, computer audio and MIDI interface, and iPad core MIDI and audio support
  • MIDI integration of decks and the mixer for controlling both computer software and iPad apps
  • iPad supported by Algoriddum DJAY


  • MIXDECK QUAD controller
  • Software CD
  • Power cord