MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe Pedal (Free Shipping)

MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe Pedal
Manufacturer: DUNLOP
Condition: New
Item #: MXRM83
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    The MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe pedal adds time-tested bucket-brigade shimmer and shine to your tone along with the controls your need to put it to use. Choose from a lush and glassy chorus, or hit the flanger button to conjure up the psychedelic sound of the late '60s and '70s. You've got plenty of tone-shaping controls as well on the Bass Chorus Deluxe, including bass and treble controls on top of the standard intensity, rate, and width controls. On top of that, there's a handy crossover control on the Bass Chorus Deluxe, which lets you affect only your high end, while leaving your low-end tone perfectly in tune.

  • Chorus and Flanger modes
  • Analog bucket-brigade technology
  • Separate Bass and Treble controls for detailed tone sculpting
  • X-OVER mode for increased low end clarity