Martin Touring Frame, AF-2 (Free Shipping)

Martin Touring Frame, AF-2
Manufacturer: Martin
Condition: New
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    Martin Touring Frame, AF-2

    The frame not only acts as extra protection, but also makes it easier to carry and move the fan around. As the casing for the actual fan, this robust frame is constructed in aluminum for minimal weight; only 7kg. The frame incorporates a floor stand. However, after attaching the frame to the AF-2 you will still be able to fly the fan. Like the standard bracket that comes with the AF-2 flying is done by using the Martin omega bracket system.

    • Added protection to the AF-2
    • Compatible with the Omega clamps system for flying
    • Fixing point for the multifunctional controller so its not lost during storage and/or transport
    • Floor stand
    • Minimal weight; only 7kg
    • Multiple carrying options for easy handling
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